Apple’s Upcoming Privacy Changes Could Alter the Digital Marketing Landscape

In June, Apple announced an update, scheduled for this fall, that will make it easier for users to prevent apps from tracking their behaviour and movement on the internet. The move could fundamentally change the digital marketing landscape – here’s what you need to know.

What Are the Changes?

When the update rolls out, Apple users will see a popup when they open many of the apps on their devices. The popup will ask whether they want the app to track their online behaviour and will give them the option to opt out.

When Will This Happen?

 Initially, Apple planned to launch this new feature with iOS 14 – that is, in the coming weeks. Following backlash from Facebook, Apple is giving publishers until the new year to become compliant.

What Does This Mean for Digital Marketing?

Large add platforms, particularly Facebook, rely on vast troves of user data to deliver ads to highly specific audiences. In the short term, limiting data collection is likely to reduce the impact of certain digital marketing campaigns. It may also limit the ability of small- and medium-sized publishers to provide free content.

In the long-term, reduced reliance on third-party data could inspire drastic shifts in the digital advertising world. It could level the playing field between massive ad platforms and the digital properties of more traditional publishers. We could also see increased emphasis on advertising creative.

What’s Our Take?

 Our services leverage Facebook and Google’s access to user data, and we are carefully monitoring this story. However, Google Ads, our primary service offering, is less reliant on third-party information than other forms of digital advertising. We are confident that this change will not adversely impact our Google Ads clients.

On a larger scale, we support Apple’s push to hand back control over their data to the users themselves. The internet is deeply woven into the fabric of our everyday lives – there’s no going back from that. As our reliance on the digital world increases, protection of user data will become more and more critical.

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Image: Shutterstock