Are you taking advantage of search’s growing functionality?

google-76517_640The evolution of the search engine is at the heart of the internet’s ascension to mainstream ubiquity. Where once they were simple tools for discovering webpages, search engines now dominate most online activities and, thanks to mobile phones, have become constant companions throughout many peoples’ days.

As search engines have gained prominence, they have evolved to offer users more information more quickly, and to facilitate everyday tasks. Users can now make dinner reservations, compare shopping prices, and research movie times, all within search engine result pages (SERPs).

Expanded search engine functionality, in addition to making life easier for searchers, is hugely beneficial to businesses that advertise online. Users can access pertinent information like business hours, addresses, and click-to-call phone numbers directly within SERPs, making it easier to reach the company in question.

In order to take advantage of search’s increasing functionality, though, businesses must be highly visible in SERPs. As Search Engine Land columnist Christi Olson points out, “advertisers should be sure to maintain their business profiles … and continue to leverage structured data and data feeds to support new and innovative search experiences.”

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