Can social media properties boost websites’ SEO?

How do your company’s social media properties affect your search rankings? Can social media play a role in your holistic SEO strategy? Many digital marketing agencies have struggled to understand what role social should play in search engine optimization, or whether it can play a role at all.

At GrowthEngine Media, our opinion is that social media has an impact on SEO, even if it might be more nuanced than that of keyword research or mobile-friendly site design. Here are a few ways digital marketing agencies can boost their clients’ SEO through social media.

Links in social profiles

Link building remains one of the foundations upon which successful SEO strategies are built, and social media provides several opportunities to create traffic-driving links. To begin with, you can add strong links in your Twitter bio or under Facebook’s Contact, Basic Info, or About tabs.

It’s also helpful to share links to your site in as many posts as possible. Publish blog posts, circulate important pages, and publicize events by linking to the relevant pages on your site. You may also want to pin a post containing a link to your site at the top of your social media feeds.

Sharing content

Social media is a great way to distribute content. Make sure the pieces you share are relevant, readable, and interlinked with other pages on your site to maximize the impact of each visit.

Don’t be afraid to look to your competitors for ideas: if a rival’s content is appearing in your social media feeds or garnering a lot of engagement, take a close look at what they’re doing. You may learn a few things!

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