Digital Marketing Agencies Boost Advertiser Spending

Canadians now spend more time with digital than traditional media and digital marketing agencies have adjusted spending accordingly, eMarketer reports. As we discussed in an article several weeks ago, the average Canadian consumer spends 9 hours and 50 minutes with media every day. Four hours, 55 minutes of that time is spent with digital media, while 4 hours 54 minutes is spent with traditional.

In 2019, advertisers are spending 56.5 per cent of their budgets on digital media; in 2017, they spent less than half. This rapid change suggests digital advertising is becoming more effective, more cost-efficient, and more widely embraced by consumers. It also signals that digital marketing agencies are operating within a healthy, growing industry.

“Digital ad formats are now being embraced in Canada because they’ve matured dramatically in the past few years,” said eMarketer senior analyst Paul Briggs in a recent article. “Compared with traditional formats, the granular reporting and behaviour tracking of digital ads are much more specific in assessing how well an advertiser is engaging a consumer.”

In other words, digital marketing agencies are able to determine which ads, or even which elements of certain ads, are delivering the best results for their clients. By embracing digital advertising initiatives, companies are able to more efficiently manage their advertising dollars. They are also better able to communicate results and outline future advertising strategies for key stakeholders.

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