How Early Do Advertisers Develop Holiday Digital Marketing Strategies?

If you feel like the holiday season starts earlier every year, you’re right! Think with Google Canada released statistics last month that show Canadian consumers now start their holiday shopping earlier than ever. They also continue shopping well past the traditional end to the season, which means your holiday-season digital marketing strategy should cover everything from early November to early January.

According to the research, nearly 40 per cent of Canadian consumers will be finished holiday shopping by the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Black Friday, in case you somehow weren’t aware, is tomorrow, which means many consumers are at the end of their buyer’s journey or have already completed it.

In fact, most Canadian consumers have begun the search and research phase of their buyer’s journey by the start of November, and as many as 11 per cent begin thinking about holiday shopping in the summer! Half of holiday shoppers conduct research before they make purchases, and 60 per cent begin that research online. In other words, consumers are researching and making purchases throughout the extended holiday season, including during Boxing Week and into the New Year.

“If you’re hoping to reach these always-on consumers, you may want to redefine your holiday timelines and extend your marketing efforts beyond the big days,” Think with Google reports.

The holidays are a critical time for businesses of every size. Last year, Canadians spent $50 billion during the month of December, alone. That’s a big pie, and every advertiser in the country is fighting for a slice. As a Google Premier Partner digital marketing agency with unique insights into Google’s preferred practices, GrowthEngine Media is equipped to help you set targets, develop a strategy, and implement that strategy in time for a busy holiday season. Reach out today for more information.


Image credit: 松林 L/Wikimedia Commons