Internet Users are More Mobile Than Ever

For several years, digital marketers have understood that mobile marketing isn’t just the way of the future – it’s also the way of the present. Last week, eMarketer reported that, according to Conviva’s ‘State of Streaming Q2 2021’ report, mobile is far and away the number one device for watching YouTube videos. Sixty-three per cent of all video views (defined by YouTube as ‘any 30-second watch time on a video’) occurred on mobile devices, compared to 12 per cent on desktop, 8 per cent on tablet, and 3 per cent on consoles. Connected TVs and other devices accounted for 14 per cent of all views.

Mobile’s YouTube dominance is reflective of a broader trend. If people are consuming video content – which one might assume would be better viewed on larger screens – on their smartphones, what else are they doing on mobile?

The answer? Everything.

By 2019, 63 per cent of all Google searches originated from mobile devices, per Merkleinc. In July 2021, more than 98 per cent of global active Facebook users accessed the platform via mobile phone, including 82 per cent that used their mobile phones exclusively, according to the Statista Research Department. And in Q1 2021, mobile devices, excluding tablets, accounted for almost 55 per cent of all global website traffic.

The message here is clear: we’re living in a mobile-first world, and your digital strategy should be aligned accordingly. That means all visual creative should be optimized for mobile marketing – no fine print on display ads! – and if your website isn’t designed for mobile first, it should at least be seamlessly responsive.

At GrowthEngine Media, our strategies have been tailored to the mobile marketing for years. Google Ads, our primary service offering, is as effective on smartphones as on desktop, and our SEO approach puts user experience factors, including mobile site speed and responsive design, front and centre. Contact us today to discuss our approach to mobile-first digital marketing or to ask any questions you might have about your campaigns.


Image: Shutterstock