Where Does Digital Marketing Fit Within Your Digital Transformation?

Think with Google’s latest dispatch discusses three ways that ‘agencies can help clients drive digital transformation.’ For those unfamiliar with industry jargon, a ‘digital transformation’ is the process of adopting digital technologies into every aspect of your business, including processes, project management, client/customer relations, and of course digital marketing.

Here are the three tips provided by Grant Keller, global CEO of WPP’s Google technology and data consultancy, and Ekapat Chareonlarp, GroupM’s global VP of media innovation and marketing:

  1. Set collective goals: The days of a single executive, usually the CMO, handing down unilateral objectives to his or her department are over, Keller and Chareonlarp write. Now, enterprise-level digital marketing success relies on common goals embraced by the full leadership team, goals that agencies can help set.
  2. Embrace agility: It’s not uncommon for successful businesses, large or small, to be set in their ways. That won’t work in the digital age, where consumer demands shift with the seasons. Because agencies are generally more attuned to evolving and cutting-edge technology, the authors argue, they are “well placed to help brands experiment, learn, and make incremental changes over time.”
  3. Demonstrate value often: As every SEO client can attest, digital marketing success doesn’t come overnight; it often takes three to six months to see noticeable change. Keller and Chareonlarp argue that agencies should communicate and celebrate even incremental improvements with their client, to keep them warm during the “long-term commitment” that is a digital transformation.

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