Canadian Retailers Prepare for Unprecedented Holiday Season

Across Canada, retailers and other businesses are preparing for the most online holiday shopping season ever. Black Friday creative is either ready to be published or already online and digital marketing agencies are polishing their December strategies. More than 70 per cent of Canadian holiday shoppers are avoiding brick-and-mortar stores this year, meaning the Black Friday and Cyber Monday e-commerce bonanza could be more lucrative than ever.

However, just because your shoppers are turning online doesn’t mean your holiday strategy will succeed. Digital competition has never been fiercer, meaning you need an experienced digital marketing agency that understands the ins and outs of your market handling your account this season. What works in Toronto isn’t likely to work in Halifax, as recent research from Google makes clear.

According to the latest Think with Google dispatch, each region of Canada is reacting differently to surging COVID-19 cases as the holiday season takes hold. In Manitoba, which is seeing its first truly significant wave of infections, there are 14 times more searches for ‘curbside pickup’ than the national average, mirroring the level of demand seen in Ontario this May.

‘Gift cards’ searches are also on the rise in regions across Canada. In Manitoba, they’re occurring at two times the national average; the same goes for British Columbia and the Maritimes. ‘Same day delivery’ searches are rising in Manitoba, BC, and Ontario, and ‘online sales’ searches are five times higher in Ontario than last year at the same time.

An experienced digital marketing agency can help you understand how consumers in your region are searching for products and services and how to translate those insights into efficient, productive marketing campaigns. As a Google Premier Partner, GrowthEngine Media has unique insights into Google’s preferred practices and is equipped to help your business make the most of an unprecedented holiday season. Contact us today to discuss your strategy for the final weeks of 2020.


Image: Shutterstock