Huge 2022 Digital Marketing Trend: Making Up for Lost (Online) Cookies

Digital marketers love cookies. No, not the delicious baked goods your grandma makes (well, honestly, they probably love those, too) the digital kind. They help send key information that better help us target audiences relevant to you, and personalize the experience for customers. But the digital marketing trend in 2022 is about getting away from that reliance on cookies.


Because, as they say, the cookie jar is closing.

Privacy Law and Consumer Preferences

A cookie is just a text file with small pieces of data that identify you as an individualized user, so that your preferences and the like are saved when you return to a page. They can also be leveraged to build a more complete consumer profile, helping tailor marketing efforts.

It’s part of the reason you’ll search running shoes, click a few sites, then find yourself seeing running shoe ads at every turn online.

But Cookies (and Digital Marketing Trends) Are Changing

In the EU, a law was passed that means that any internet user in the EU has the right to accept or reject cookies, alongside a whole host of other stipulations.

This means that relying on cookies is no longer as easy as it once was.

Which isn’t to say that cookies are all the way gone: 59% of consumers still accept cookies when prompted. But 27% will only do so for brands they trust, making your brand’s positioning on privacy a key principle of a cookies for marketing policy.

Making Up for Lost Cookies in Marketing

With cookies being less prevalent than they were, you can still get the information you need to help round out a buyer profile, helping you tailor your marketing efforts so they’re more successful.

The top five tactics marketers plan to use to make up for cookie deficit are:

cookie insights graph

Source: Searchenginejournal

With these supplements, you will barely miss cookies at all.

But Wait, There’s More

Even without cookies, you can still build effective, sales-oriented buyer profiles that help you maximize your marketing ROI.

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