Merkle Launches First Digital Marketing Report in COVID Era

Last week, the performance marketing agency Merkle released its Q2 2020 Digital Marketing Report. This is the first Merkle report firmly planted in the COVID-19 era; its Q1 report contained only a hint of the pandemic’s impact.

The findings were broadly positive for the digital marketing industry. US paid search clicks on Google were up 38 per cent year-over-year (YOY); ad spend increased 8.6 per cent; organic search visits rose 33 per cent overall and 35 per cent on mobile.

Facebook saw ad impressions increased 25 per cent YOY; Instagram impressions jumped 46 per cent and Instagram spend rose 30 per cent. Overall, social advertising spend increased around 11 per cent from Q2 2019.

It wasn’t all good news, of course. Spending on Amazon ads declined from Q1 levels, and both the travel (50 per cent decrease in organic visits) and apparel (1.5 per cent decrease) industries took significant hits.

“The industry has seen incredible shifts over the past quarter, driven by unprecedented economic and social changes,” said Merkle Vice President of Research Mark Ballard in a release. “Looking at ad spend and impressions overall, we’re interested in analyzing the long-term impacts for the major tech players. April and May were tough months for the industry, but findings show signs of growth amidst the chaos in areas such as paid search, social ad spend, and ad impressions, as we look to rebound from these turbulent times.”

In other words, while the long-term effects of the pandemic are still to be seen, the digital marketing industry is in a relatively strong position. Consumers are continuing to migrate online, and advertisers are following.

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Image: Shutterstock