Are consumers being overwhelmed by digital marketing?

In April, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) released research showing that “the general public is being bombarded with marketing materials” by digital marketing agencies on a daily basis.

Forty-two per cent of CIM’s survey respondents said they receive marketing via social media once per day, and half said the marketing materials presented to them are never relevant. Sixty-one per cent said they received promotional material about hobbies or interests they do not have, and 35 per cent received offers for businesses in locations they don’t visit or live in.

Being “bombarded” with marketing content is nothing new: for decades, Western consumers have encountered billboards, magazine and newspaper ads, telemarketing calls, and television commercials on an almost endless basis. However, digital marketing agencies are capable of delivering targeted, relevant marketing material to customers with a real interest in or need for specific products and services. In other words, the digital marketing industry can do better.

“What’s most worrying about these results is that they are unsurprising,” said CIM Chief Executive Chris Daly. “In our interconnected, ‘always on’ world, being bombarded with irrelevant materials has become the expected or the norm. It’s not good enough and it’s eroding the trust between customers and businesses.”

There is a silver lining to CIM’s report: though customers react with distaste to irrelevant marketing, they appreciate messaging that addresses their concerns and answers their questions at the appropriate time. At GrowthEngine Media, we aspire never to push products on unwilling consumers. Rather, we apply advanced statistics and analytic information to target highly-qualified customers who have searched for or shown an interest in our clients’ products and services.

As a Premier Google Partner All-Star Digital Marketing Agency with access to valuable insights on Google’s preferred practices, GrowthEngine Media is committed to delivering ethical, efficient marketing solutions that target qualified customers with relevant, valuable messaging.