Google Announces New, Privacy-Focused Digital Marketing Tools

Internet users have never been more concerned about privacy, which puts digital marketing platforms like Google in an awkward position. Google has maintained a degree of public goodwill over the past several years, especially when compared to platforms like Twitter, which has been implicated in the rise of populist politics in the West, and Facebook, which has struggled to stamp out extremism and misinformation while simultaneously bungling data privacy challenges.

In order to maintain that goodwill, the search engine will have to find a way to respect user privacy while continuing to deliver excellent results for advertisers. The issue? Google Ads relies on user data to target consumers with highly relevant and highly personalized advertising.

Last week, Vidhya Srinivasan, Google Ads’ VP/GM Buying, Analytics and Measurement, previewed some products that the company hopes will protect user data without hindering advertiser results or curtailing its hundreds of billions of dollars in quarterly revenues.

“Getting the most out of your marketing investments requires a clear understanding of what actions people take after interacting with your ads,” Srinivasan wrote in a blog. “In today’s evolving privacy landscape, growing your business calls for new approaches to measurement that preserve advertising performance and also put the user first.”

The products include ‘Consent Mode’ integration with Google Tag Manager (for advertisers in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom); ‘enhanced conversions,’ which aim to allow advertisers to preserve accurate measurement data even when fewer cookies are available; and advanced machine learning in Google Analytics, which will help advertisers fill reporting gaps left by cookie unavailability.

As a Google Premier Partner digital marketing agency, GrowthEngine Media supports Google’s efforts to preserve user privacy and respect users’ control over their data while delivering sterling results for advertisers. If you would like to know more about these upcoming privacy changes, or to discuss your campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Image: Shutterstock