Google Pushes Ads Automation to Keep Pace with AI

At Google’s ‘Search On’ event in September, the search engine explained how it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help searchers complete complex tasks quickly and more easily. In particular, it elaborated on how its Multitask Unified Model (MUM) AI enhances its ability to understand information across a wide range of formats (text, image, video, etc.) and identify connections between topics and concepts to deliver better search results, with implications for search ads.

The search engine expanded on this topic in its November 2021 ‘Think with Google’ dispatch. Darshan Kantak, VP Product Management, Search Ads and Google Ads Experiences, used the example of a malfunctioning bicycle to demonstrate how MUM can help searchers solve problems.

“Imagine … your gears stop shifting. You can see the problem with your bike, but you don’t have the words to describe the issue… Soon you’ll be able to use Google Lens” to ask advice, Kantak explained. “By pointing your camera and asking “how do I fix this?”, Google will be able to identify the problem – in this case with the rear derailleur – and connect you to helpful information across the web to fix it, like a YouTube video.”

Through MUM, Google might even pinpoint the most relevant point in the YouTube video and later surface related topics.

This type of functionality is great for users, but what does it mean for digital advertisers? Searchers discovering new topics and products through enhanced AI presents opportunities, and capturing those opportunities will require innovation and adaptation.

“To be successful in this new world, businesses will need to be ready for constant change by adopting an agile approach to make sure they show up across search in all the moments that matter,” Kantak wrote. “While search marketers have traditionally invested in manual processes and intuition to find their customers, build creative, and optimize for performance, this approach simply won’t keep pace for most advertisers given the new ways people are searching.”

Our experience suggests that best results with search ads can be attained through a combination of automation technology and good old-fashioned intuition and market research. To learn more about our approach, or to discuss your campaigns, contact GrowthEngine Media today.