Put a little extra effort into your search advertising copy

Many digital marketing agencies have a “set it and forget it” approach to search advertising copy. If the campaign is lagging, marketers tend to consult their analytics, adjust their bids and perhaps focus on new keywords. Ad copy is an often overlooked element in successful AdWords and Display Network campaigns.

So, what does good copy look like? What can you do to boost the effectiveness of your search advertising copy and your campaign’s performance? Search Engine Land’s Mona Elesseily recently penned an article on just this topic and put forward a few solid suggestions.

First, she suggests making the customer ‘feel less anxious’ by underscoring your company’s solid reputation. Make mention of your company’s history (“since 1987”; “in business for 40 years”) or add online review extensions to emphasize the positive experiences your customers have enjoyed.

Consider also adding a few words to eliminate your customers’ concerns about delivery times, added fees, security, and other e-commerce perils. Elesseily suggests including deals and incentives directly in your ad copy as well.

Most importantly, your ad copy should grab customers’ attention and create a clear contrast between you and your competitors. Don’t be afraid to brag – you have a limited window to attract consumers: use terms like “highest quality” and “best-selling” without hesitation.

“Standing out is a huge part of the advertising game, so think of ways to make your ads pop,” Elesseily writes. The limited copy real estate available in search engine text ads shouldn’t stop you from delivering meaningful information in an interesting, expressive tone. Don’t forget: Twitter has become an essential piece of the social media landscape despite – or perhaps even thanks to – its 140-character limit.

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