SEO Copywriting Services + Relevant Content = Online Visibility

The digital age is here. Organizations like the UN are considering whether the internet is a human right. AI is achieving things formerly reserved for sci-fi novels. Cars drive themselves. This necessarily means that marketing has shifted as well to be a digital-first endeavour. Which makes SEO copywriting services so important. 

Over half of all website traffic comes from organic search, found one study. Organic, inbound marketing also tends to produce the highest quality leads according to marketers. And with less than one in a hundred people making it to the second page following a search, the competition to be ranked on the first page and the first spot is extraordinary. 

And that makes sense: that’s where your leads are. 

But getting to that top spot isn’t easy – but it isn’t necessarily hard, either. Of course, it all depends on the relative difficulty of the keyword (search term) you’re targeting. But whether you’re targeting the most competitive keyword on earth or the least, the strategy remains the same; marry SEO copywriting services with high-value, relevant content. 

SEO Secret Sauce

I call it ‘secret sauce’ but it’s not really all that secret. 

It’s quite simple and intuitive: Google is the most used search engine because it’s good. When you feed it a query it more often than not returns millions of high-value pages that are relevant to what you’re searching. On top of that, the most relevant content almost always make their way to the top of the page eventually. 

That’s because Google’s algorithm is extremely powerful, sophisticated, and fine-tuned to ensure that the user (that’s us) gets what we’re looking for. Otherwise competitors like Bing wouldn’t be such a joke. 

Since Google has such an impressive search algorithm, you’re wasting your time trying to game it. Or at least, if SEO is all you’re focusing on, it’s a doomed effort. 

Instead, the foundation of your SEO strategy should be to start with relevant content.

Everything should follow from that. 

Marrying SEO Copywriting Services and Relevant Content

You’ve no doubt come across these before on the internet – articles that stuff keywords in the content like turkey on Thanksgiving. 

They’re rough to read and, more often than not, totally ineffective as marketing tools even if they do rank highly. 

That’s because people read these pages and think it’s not really all that helpful. This decreases the time spent on page, makes people less likely to interact with the brand, and reduces the chances of other people linking to the article – all of which will impact your SEO and lower the page. 

A far superior strategy is: 

  1. Determine a topic that your target market has interest in (ex: an accounting firm would target ‘how to prepare for taxes for a small business’)
  2. Do the appropriate research to be able to speak informatively on the topic (ex: how do you prepare your taxes as a small business)
  3. Research relevant keywords (ex: “how to file taxes for small business in Canada”)SEO Copywriting Services
  4. Find a good combination of relatively low keyword difficulty (how hard it is to rank for that keyword) and volume (how many people monthly are searching)
  5. Find related keywords
  6. Build your content with the keywords as an important element, but with the focus being fully answering the need of the person who’s reading the piece (ex: preparing taxes as a small business owner)

This strategy is the most effective way to get your content ranking high – and generating leads for your business. 

Get SEO Copywriting Services That Work

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