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GrowthEngine Media is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency providing local SEO services, including website and Google My Business (GMB) optimization, to businesses of all sizes. While traditional and local SEO incorporate many of the same tactics, local SEO is targeted at a more focused audience, allowing businesses to present relevant, up-to-date information to customers in the region. 

Reach out today to discuss how we can help your business increase website traffic, improve user experience, generate leads, and boost user engagement through local search.

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Local Search Optimization

Successful local search optimization involves more than appearing in the top three or top ten results for relevant, geography-specific queries. Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) are particularly dynamic for geo-specific searches. Traditional results factor in, but they share space with Google My Business listings, Google Maps listings, and more. With the help of our experienced local SEO agency, your business can appear in multiple locations on the results page for relevant searches.

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On-Site Optimization

Our on-site local SEO process follows roughly the same formula as our process for traditional SEO. We audit our clients’ websites, perform audience and keyword research, and provide content and website development recommendations. Once we receive client approval, we provide a timeline and get to work. Upon completion of the initial project, we provide ongoing recommendations and reporting options.

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Google My Business

While on-site optimization is vital for local SEO, the bulk of the work happens off-site, and in particular on Google My Business. It’s hard to overstate the importance of GMB listings to local search success. Not only do they occupy space on local SERPs, but they also provide valuable information to potential customers looking for quick answers to their questions.

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Citation Building

Citation building is the practice of providing accurate and consistent information (address, contact info, hours of operation, etc.) to business directories like Yellow Pages and Yelp. This signals to Google and other search engines that your business is active and committed to delivering a positive experience to online customers.

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Reviews and Ratings

Internet users are obsessed with Google ratings and reviews. Studies suggest that customers consistently seek out businesses with five- or near-five-star ratings. When two businesses have a similar quality and quantity of ratings, customers use reviews to make their decision. Our team can help your business generate more reviews and ratings, and manage the fallout from any negative reviews you may attract.

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Google Premier Partner

GrowthEngine Media is a Google Premier Partner, a designation reserved for digital marketing agencies that meet Google’s stringent performance requirements. Our close relationship with Google allows unique access to customer support, as well as opportunities for professional development, and access to beta-testing programs.

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If your business would benefit from increased visibility in local search engine results, contact us today to discuss how a local search agency can help. Local search engine optimization increases website traffic, improves user experiences, generates leads, and provides a boost to user engagement. Contact us today to learn more about our local SEO services.

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    Our Process


    Our local search process starts with strategy: our team will audit your website and existing local search assets, identify areas for improvement, and submit recommendations to your stakeholders for approval.


    Once the recommendations have been approved, our team moves into the execution phase. This phase generally includes on-site optimization, content creation, and a variety of tactics to optimize and improve your Google My Business listing.


    When our initial recommendations have been completed, our team will provide a detailed roadmap for future growth. This generally includes a detailed reporting schedule and a plan for ongoing recommendations.

    Google My Business Experts

    As an experienced local SEO agency, GrowthEngine Media is uniquely positioned to help your business improve its positioning in local search results. We know what pages to add to your website and how to optimize your content for local visibility. We also know which directories will return the biggest bang for your marketing investment. And most importantly, we have a deep understanding of how to optimize your Google My Business listing to capture maximum attention. 

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