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GrowthEngine Media is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency providing online reputation management services to businesses of all sizes. Reach out today to discuss how we can help your business build a positive online image, improve user experience, and ward off unfair and unreasonable attacks.

A majority of online customers discover businesses through search engines and make purchasing decisions based on reviews, ratings, and reputation. That makes protecting your online reputation imperative to business success. We can help.

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Reputation Management FAQs


What is online reputation management?


Online reputation management is the process of curating a positive impression of your business to provide customers a meaningful point of reference. Accurate reviews and social proof improve customer experiences and reflect the best attributes of your business. Reputation management also defends against malicious attacks from competitors, spam reviews, and negative publicity online. Over time, it helps build a cache of text-based and video testimonials and social proof through outreach.


Why is online reputation management important?


Today an overwhelming majority of people – up to 97% by some estimates – discover businesses on the internet. Nearly 9 out of 10 potential customers will read reviews online and will base their purchase decisions on the impression they receive. Never before has digital word-of-mouth of been so essential to a business’s bottom line. Positive reputation will increase sales, while negative publicity will drive away customers. Online reputation also affects the effectiveness of wider digital marketing efforts.


What does a reputation manager do?


An online reputation management agency curates reviews, builds legitimate reviews, monitors reputation, responds to negative reviews, and takes action against false reviews. Our team pursues ethical review building on platforms such as Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, HomeStars, and industry directories. We also engage with customers on social media platforms, attract testimonials through outreach, and report intellectual property violations and Terms of Service violations, when necessary.


What causes a bad online reputation?


A mismanaged presence online can snowball into bad publicity. Mishandled customer complaints on social media will portray the business negatively; excessively negative reviews will mislead customers; spam and malicious comments will lower the value of legitimate reviews. Over time, negative reviews will crystallize into a bad reputation for the business; correcting negative perceptions is more difficult than nurturing a positive reputation from the start.


Do online reputation management services work?


A: Absolutely! Online reputation management services have a very real correlation with real world sales. Effectively managing reputation helps build trust, improves conversion rates, and tightens sales funnels. The spillover effects of positive online reputation are felt across all digital marketing campaigns, including online advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management. A tactful reputation management program reduces the impact of negative publicity and prevents the business from malicious attacks.

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GrowthEngine Media is a Google Premier Partner search engine marketing agency, a recognition awarded to select agencies that meet Google’s certification, performance, and ad spend guidelines. As Premier Partners, our team has access to beta programs and marketing tools that other agencies do not.

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