Survey: Digital marketers are feeling optimistic

Jayson Demers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, recently released the results of his second “What Works in Online Marketing” survey. In a Marketing Land article highlighting some of the more interesting findings, Demers wrote that he initiated the survey in order to “zoom out, beyond the strategies and tactics, so we can understand the “whys” behind marketing – as well as where it’s headed and when.”

So, what were the biggest takeaways for Toronto digital marketing agencies and agencies around the world?

First, he found that the digital marketing industry is in a fairly stable place. Even while new technologies and tactics continually emerge, the core pillars of online marketing – SEO, social media, paid search, and the like – remain reliable and secure. Each of these continues to produce positive results for the clients of Toronto digital marketing agencies.

For this reason, the digital advertising market as a whole seems to be growing. 45 per cent of Demers’s respondents said they planned to increase their budgets in the coming year, while a further 30 per cent plan to maintain their budgets. Demers says: “this is a sign of overall economic growth, potentially, but it’s also important to recognize it as a sign that most marketers are finding success.”

Another key finding was the continued prominence of social media. Not only were respondents best able to measure return-on-investment for social campaigns, but a full 95 per cent plan to either keep or increase their social media budgets going forward. Facebook is the most widely-utilized social network, though Facebook-owned Instagram is rising fast.

All-in-all, Demers’s survey paints an optimistic picture for the digital marketing industry. Marketers and business owners alike are generally pleased with the fruits of their efforts, and plan to invest more in the future.

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