What is long-tail marketing and why you should do it

If you need a new pair of comfortable running shoes and you’re on a budget, you’re likely to type into Google, “What is a comfortable and cheap pair of running shoes?” What you just did was a long-tail search, which is when you target three or more keywords in a search query. These account for 70 per cent of search queries.

There’s been a renewed focus on businesses having a long-tail marketing strategy, along with targeting “head” keywords, which are core keywords. This has changed from the beginning days of the Internet when you were told to focus on using certain keywords in your searches.

What are the benefits of long-tail marketing?

While you want to show up on the top spot on a SERP in both paid search and SEO, for popular terms you know this is a costly endeavour. For PPC, you’re more likely to pay a higher cost-per-click for each head term since it’s a more competitive auction. Meanwhile, long-tail keywords are less competitive and while they bring less traffic, they attract higher-quality traffic since users are more specific and aware of what they’re looking for. This will raise your quality score and this means you get a better return on investment since you’ll be paying less for more conversions.

The improved effect on your PPC also has a trickle down effect to your SEO. If you have an easier time landing the top spot for that query, users will be more likely to click on your organic search query when it shows up since your brand will now be recognizable to them. Your visitors will have a lower bounce rate since your business will be more relevant to their search. You’ll also have an easier time landing a top rank on the SERP.

How do you create a long-tail marketing strategy?

It’s important for your business to target the right long-tail keywords so you’re not wasting your money. While keyword lists typically suggest the most popular terms, it’s best to dig into your analytics for long-term keyword ideas, such as looking through your referral traffic or discovering what queries people are searching for on your internal site search.

Some useful and simple strategies are to localize your search and to add additional description to your product. This should be done for any keywords that you think a user would want to find locally and that you offer. Also, if a user has decided on a certain brand of running shoes, your result will show up at the right time that they’re deciding to make a purchase.

As with popular keywords, it’s important to see how much traffic these terms are bringing to your site and tweaking your strategy over time.

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