YouTube Viewership Surge Offers Digital Marketing Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the ways people around the world, including Canadians, consumed media. Digital streaming services like Netflix, Crave, and Amazon Prime exploded in popularity, but perhaps no platform received as much viewership as YouTube. According to Think with Google Canada, more than 2 billion people around the world watch YouTube videos every month, with implications for digital marketing.

That massive viewership means opportunities for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In Think with Google Canada’s June 2021 edition of ‘Back to Basics,’ Bettina Hahn, Product Marketing Manager for YouTube SMB at Google, outlined five important takeaways that business of all sizes should keep in mind as they polish their YouTube digital marketing strategies.

Branding is vital. Branding your channel can help attract new audiences and will signal to viewers that your YouTube feed is part of your wider digital presence. Make sure your profile and banner images are up to date, add watermarks to videos, and add links to your website and social media accounts if they’re not already there.

Keep content in line with business goals. Try to keep your YouTube content streamlined and in alignment with business goals. Add videos that will contribute to KPIs, such as videos highlighting product launches or explaining products or services.

Develop a filming and editing strategy. The great thing about YouTube is that there are free and inexpensive ways to create and publish engaging content. The more streamlined you can make your filming and editing process, the more return you will get on time and energy spent.

Be proactive in building a following. An optimized YouTube channel can help you reach new customers. According to research cited in Hahn’s article, 71 per cent of small businesses agreed their YouTube channel helped them reach new audiences, and 78 said it helped customers find them. Make sure to add clear call to actions, especially to subscribe to the channel.

Consider new formats. YouTube’s suite of features and formats is continuously expanding. Live streams, for example, have gained serious prominence, and could be a fit for your company.

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Image: Shutterstock