What is display remarketing?

When you plan a physical ad campaign, you want to be constantly reminding your potential customers who you are and what you sell in hopes that they will eventually purchase your product or service. You have the option of putting your ads onto subway trains, buses, bus stands, billboards, in newspapers and on TV.

To plan a similar phenomenon in an online marketing campaign, retargeting, otherwise known as remarketing, is the advertising route to take. And it takes the experience a step further.

For users to be retargeted, they will have already searched up a keyword related to your business or they have already visited your website. This means that they’ve expressed interest towards a product or service that you offer and your online ads show up at the moment they’re considering to make a purchase. After visiting your website, ads related to the page they visited will show up, even when they have left their site. For example, after they have browsed your website, the user wants to catch up on the latest news and they visit the Huffington Post. While they are browsing articles, an ad for your company could show up.

It’s the same as someone walking by a pizza restaurant and saying to their friend, “I’m craving pizza.” They then continue towards their destination, but along the way they see ads from the pizza restaurant showing up on billboards, bus stands and buses.

One thing to be aware of is that when you are retargeting, you’re only able to access websites that are a part of the same display network. This means that you are slightly restricted in some of the websites that your ad will display on, but this likely won’t be an issue since there will be so many options to choose from. If you don’t want your ads to show up on certain pages or websites since you don’t think they’re relevant or they might not drive conversions, you can choose to exclude them.

When you’re retargeting, you have the option to use different types of ads. Whether you decide to catch their attention with text, images, video or rich media formats is up to you.

Remarketing is a great way to reach a specific audience, who is more likely to make a purchase since they’ve already expressed interest. When someone has already said, “Oh, I’d like some pizza,” it makes selling them pizza that much easier.

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