Our Digital Marketing Agency Principles

GrowthEngine Media is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency providing a broad range of services to businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business increase website traffic, generate new leads, improve user experiences, and promote user engagement. 

Our goal is simple: by providing best-in-class SEO, SEM, local search, social media, website development, content marketing, live chat, reputation management, and analytics services, we aim to improve every client’s online performance and, ultimately, grow their business.

Increase Traffic
User Experience
Generate Leads
User Engagement

Mission & Values


Our mission is to deliver best-in-class digital marketing services that help businesses of all sizes generate new leads, increase website traffic, and improve user experiences and engagement. 

With every client, we aim to deliver a clear digital marketing strategy; provide crisp, efficient deployment; and maintain ongoing reporting and accountability. We aspire to build long-term partnerships and establish a reputation as a leading digital marketing provider.



Our relationships with clients are built on collaboration, respect, transparency, and accountability. These values guide every step of our strategic process. 

Collaboration & Respect: We want to collaborate with clients to set goals, establish timelines, and develop strategies that work. You know your business better than anyone; our recommendations should align with your values and best practices. 

Transparency: We want to work in an open, transparent ecosystem where nothing is hidden and client input is embraced. 

Accountability: Our mission is to deliver best-in-class digital marketing services; when we set goals with clients, we expect to be held accountable for our performance. 

Our Process


Our digital marketing process starts with strategy. Before issuing recommendations, we conduct thorough research to identify opportunities and establish benchmarks. From there, we develop our strategy, deliver detailed recommendations, and submit our plan for client approval.


Once we have secured client approval, we quickly initiate our strategy. This process can take anywhere from a matter of days to several months; it may include everything from website development to content creation to social media or Google My Business optimization. Throughout, our clients receive regular updates and reports.


Following the implementation of our initial recommendations, we will deliver a detailed plan for continued growth. Digital marketing platforms are always changing, and best practices are continually updated. Our campaign management programs include consistent reporting and ongoing recommendations to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition.

Google Premier Partner

GrowthEngine Media is a Google Premier Partner digital marketing agency, a designation reserved for high-performing agencies that meet Google’s rigorous quality and ad spend standards. Premier Partner status provides unique insights into Google’s preferred practices, and offers opportunities for professional development, enhanced customer services, and access to beta-tested programs.

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The GrowthEngine Media team has decades of combined digital marketing experience and broad expertise that extends from paid search advertising to cutting-edge immersive technology programs.

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