Great Content Remains Essential to SEO Success

“Content is King” is one of the oldest adages in the SEO world. It is as true today as it was five and ten years ago; every SEO agency places content near the top of its list of priorities. Last week, AdAge published some tips for assessing and improving the quality of the content on your website. The advice provides insights into the sort of work your SEO agency is performing.

Focus on Quantity and Quality

It is important to produce an ample supply of content. Search engine algorithms consider both the length and the ‘newness’ of content when they return results to queries. Contributing regularly to your website’s written content, whether through a blog or by updating existing or outdated pages, can improve your ranking in search results.

But it’s not enough to churn out a never-ending supply of mediocre content – what you produce should be well written, accessible, and useful to your website visitors.

Don’t Forget to Optimize

Every piece of SEO content must be written with two audiences in mind: the human reader and the search engine crawler. The body of the content must be clean, crisp, legible, and supply all the information a website visitor is looking for. Simultaneously, the content must include enough signals to search engines to ensure it appears in search results. Keywords are an important signal, but so too is the meta data (title tags, meta tags, image tags, etc.) that describes every page.

Consider Editorial Tricks

Once your content is optimized and your page is attracting visitors, some old editorial tricks can help capture and retain visitor attention. Focus first on your headline – it should be bold and clear. Then follow up with an enticing opening sentence. If you’re working with a piece of long-form content, consider breaking it into digestible pieces by inserting headers and images.

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Image: Shutterstock