Facebook aims for social media marketing supremacy

To achieve online success, every brand and their digital marketing agency must devote considerable time, money, and attention to a variety of platforms. Google AdWords and Display Network are indispensable resources, but social media networks, and Facebook, in particular, are fighting to become equally critical to the digital marketing ecosystem. In the past month, the social networking giant has introduced some subtle but important new features to help brands reach their audiences.

The “Discover” tab

“We’re kind of already the White Pages of message apps,” David Marcus, Facebook’s VP of Messenger told Marketing Land in an April interview. “With now 20-million businesses actively responding to messages and 100,000 bots out there, we have a shot at becoming the Yellow Pages of messaging apps as well.”

In June, Facebook took concrete steps to make that wish a reality when it began rolling out the Discover tab to American users. The tab will make users more aware of businesses’ Messenger accounts and is expected to promote interaction between brands and their current and prospective customers.

Household targeting

Also in June, Facebook announced new targeting options that allow brands to reach full households. Seen by some as a play for television advertising dollars, the feature will let companies advertise full-family activities like vacations or trips to amusement parks, or push big-ticket electronics items on collections of roommates.

Facebook will employ a range of information to determine which users live together, including last names, listed relationships, home location data, internet connection sites, and matching check-ins and life events.

Dynamic Ads improvements

Finally, Facebook recently expanded the capabilities of its retargeting ‘Dynamic Ads,’ which display to users who visited companies’ sites or downloaded their apps. Brands now have the option to replace their static ads with videos, which Facebook believes will better showcase products and more effectively capture customers’ interest. The company also introduced the option to add customizable pricing or discount overlays to Dynamic Ads.

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